Psychosomatic Medicine
Dominance, Neurosis, and Aggression
Tuberculosis and Personality Conflicts
The Parallelism in Changes of Sensory Function and Electroencephalogram in Anoxia and the Effect of Hypercapnia Under these Conditions*
Electroencephalographic Studies in Asthma with Some Personality Correlates*
Effects of Injury to the Cerebral Cortex upon Sexually-Receptive Behavior in the Female Rat1
Physiological Mechanisms Involved in Gastrointestinal Dysfunction
Cardiospasm: A Psychosomatic Disorder
The Clinical Significance of Emotional Disturbances Affecting the Stomach, Duodenum and Biliary Tract
Panel Discussion
General Discussion
An Evaluation of Psychobiologic Factors in the Re-Education Phase of the Kenny Treatment for Infantile Paralysis*
Accident Proneness*
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