IN MEMORIAM: I. Arthur Mirsky, MD, 1907-1974
Restraint Ulceration as an Experimental Disease Model
Physiological Mechanisms for Cardiac Control by Nutritional Intake after Early Maternal Separation in the Young Rat
Alcohol and Affect in Dyadic Social Interaction
Psychogenic Purpura in a Man
Consequences of Social Conflict on Plasma Testosterone Levels in Rhesus Monkeys
The Use of Psychological Test Data to Predict Open-Heart Surgery Outcome: A Prospective Study
Cyclic AMP, Alpha and Beta Receptors as a Further Explanation of the Propranolol-FFA Activity
Outline of Program Annual Meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society 21-23 March 1975 The Fairmont Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans
Abstracts of Papers Submitted for the Annual Meeting 21-23 March 1975, New Orleans
Physiology, Emotion and Psychosomatic Illness
New Concepts in Neurorransmitter Regulation (Proceedings of Symposium on Drug Abuse and Metabolic Regulation of Neurotransmitte July 1972, in La Jolla)
Clinical Behavior Therapy
National Conference on Advance in Cancer Management Part II Detection and Diagnosis : The Denver Hilton, Denver, Colorado 1-3 May 1975