Eric David Wittkower, MD: 1899-1983
What Are We Talking About and Who Listens? A Citation Analysis of Psychosomatic Medicine*
An Experimental Study of Social Isolation of Elderly People: Psychoendocrine and Metabolic Effects
Intervention on Coronary Risk Factors by Adapting a Shift Work Schedule to Biologic Rhythmicity
The Influence of Beta Blockers on Cardiovascular Reactivity and Type A Behavior Pattern in Hypertensives1
Mood Alteration with Swimming—Swimmers Really Do “Feel Better”
Effect of Mental Stress on Baroreceptor-Mediated Changes in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate and on Plasma Catecholamines and Subjective Responses in Healthy Men and Women
Caffeine and Cardiovascular Responses to Stress
Anorexia Nervosa—A Multidimensional Perspective
Eating and Weight Disorders: Advances in Treatment and Research
The Psychosomatic Approach to Illness
Biological Mediators of Behavior and Disease: Neoplasia
Call for Abstracts Forty-first Annual Meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society
Minutes of the 1983 Business Meeting
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