Opportunistic ‘Rediscovery’ of Mental Disorders by the Pharmaceutical Industry
Leisure Sickness: A Pilot Study on Its Prevalence, Phenomenology, and Background
Predictors of Course and Outcome in Hypochondriasis after Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment
A Community-Based Psychoeducational Group Approach to Hypochondriasis
Preliminary Validation of PRISM (Pictorial Representation of Illness and Self Measure) – A Brief Method to Assess Suffering
Emotional Stress, Psychosocial Variables and Coping Associated with Hepatitis C Virus and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infections in Intravenous Drug Users
Circadian Blood Pressure Patterns and Life Stress
Interpersonal Psychotherapy as Augmentation Treatment in Depressed Elderly Responding Poorly to Antidepressant Drugs: A Case Series
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