Psychosomatics: Past, Present and Future
The Integrative Management of Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Comprehensive Review and Perspectives
Inverse and Direct Cancer Comorbidity in People with Central Nervous System Disorders: A Meta-Analysis of Cancer Incidence in 577,013 Participants of 50 Observational Studies
Tripartite Conflicts of Interest and High Stakes Patent Extensions in the DSM-5
An Exploratory Study to Subtype Obese Binge Eaters by Personality Traits
Avoiding Surrogate Measures and Incorporating Subjective Experience into Clinical Research
Definition of Psychosomatic Medicine and the Applicability of DSM-IV-TR to Outpatients Visiting a Japanese Psychosomatic Clinic
A Brief Goal-Setting and Planning Intervention to Improve Well-Being for People with Psychiatric Disorders
Eating Disorder Outpatients Who Do Not Respond to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Follow-Up Study
Books Received
IFP 2014: 21st World Congress of Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy Contributing to Global Health