Lack of genetic association between the phospholipase A2 gene and bipolar mood disorder in a European multicentre case–control study

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The possible association between phospholipase A2 gene and bipolar mood disorder was examined in 557 bipolar patients and 725 controls (all personally interviewed), recruited from seven countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, and UK). The frequencies of the eight alleles that were identified did not differ between patients and control individuals in the whole population, while the power to detect an association based on our sample was relatively high. Some differences were noted among the various ethnic groups, but no significant trends existed, suggesting that population stratification by country may not be responsible for a type II error. On the basis of these results, mutations of the phospholipase A2 gene, at least in the region close to the polymorphism examined between exons 1 and 2, are not involved in the pathogenesis of bipolar mood disorder.

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