Visual Function Alterations in Epilepsy Secondary to Migraine With Aura: A Case Report

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A 28-year-old White Brazilian female diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder began to experience severe headaches with photosensitivity. After misdiagnosis and inconclusive tests, the exams indicated the presence of idiopathic epilepsy secondary to migraine with aura. Because of the photosensitivity presented during the seizures, our purpose is to report impairments in visual processing after the patient became seizure free. Evaluation of the visual function was performed, including the analysis of contrast sensitivity and color discrimination. The results showed reduction in visual processing. A significant reduction in the contrast sensitivity function and color discrimination was observed for both eyes, with the left eye being more affected than the right eye. Results confirm that there was significant visual impairment compared with the normal pattern for both eyes. Even knowing that this is a rare case, our intent is to open new avenues for research involving photosensitive epilepsy in migraine with aura.

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