Does the German version of the Exercise Dependence Scale measure exercise dependence?

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To examine the concordance of a questionnaire-based categorization as ‘at-risk for exercise dependence’ and an interview-based diagnosis of exercise dependence.


One hundred thirty four subjects answered the German version of the Exercise Dependence Scale-21 (EDS-G). They were also assessed with a structured clinical interview for exercise dependence.


The congruence between the questionnaire-based categorizations of ‘at-risk for exercise dependence’ and the diagnosis of exercise dependence based on the interview was examined using κ-coefficients.


The agreement between questionnaire-based and interview-based diagnoses was fair to moderate with more false positive categorization based on the EDS-G.


Assuming that a structured clinical interview allows a more accurate diagnostic categorization, the EDS-G might overestimate the prevalence of exercise dependence.

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