Pilot Testing the Daily Activities List for Inmates (DALI): Item Evaluation and Content Validity

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Scheduling enjoyable daily activities is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy intervention used in the treatment of depression and substance abuse disorders that are prevalent disorders among inmates. To effectively use this intervention with inmates, an activities list with items ecologically sensitive to the correctional setting needs to be created. The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate items; thus, establishing a content valid Daily Activities List for Inmates (DALI). Fifteen corrections professionals representing a wide range of disciplines and managerial backgrounds served as subject matter experts (SMEs). Each SME evaluated 403 daily activity items that were aggregated from 4 separate lists. Each item was evaluated in relation to appropriateness for corrections, availability to inmates, need for editing, and where the activity could take place (in cell, out of cell, or both) then analyzed for removal following a criteria-driven, stage-based approach. The final daily activity list consisted of a total 227 items with the majority of the items developed by inmates in a correctional environment enduring through each stage. The majority of all 227 final DALI items were also considered to be used as both in and out of cell activities. An additional 22 items were created through SME suggestions or edits and were reserved for possible future use. With an ecologically sensitive daily activities list for inmates developed, implications for using the DALI to deliver psychological services to inmates are discussed.

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