Psychosocial Approaches to Improving the Military-to-Civilian Transition Process

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This special issue of Psychological Services provides a glimpse of some of the most recent work in the arena of psychosocial interventions for military service members who are reintegrating into civilian society and becoming veterans. The psychological effects that can occur as members go through the military-to-civilian transition as they leave the military have been extensively recorded and treated. While psychosocial interventions have been utilized throughout history, we are seeing a new interest and recent renaissance in their use. These psychosocial interventions will help our veterans reintegrate into civilian society not just by focusing on reducing the symptoms from their visible and invisible wounds but by taking a more holistic and integrative perspective that works to improve the veterans’ functioning in their surrounding social environments through community reengagement, treatment of the individual and their social environment, and functional improvement. The articles in this special issue illustrate how clinicians and researchers are validating new techniques to improve functioning among those learning to change careers as warriors in their new civilian occupations.

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