Promising Practices in Vocational Services for the Community Reintegration of Returning Veterans: The Individual Placement and Support Model and Beyond

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Supporting returning veterans’ job-seeking, hiring, and retention issues has become an essential goal for effective community reintegration. Given both the particular strengths and challenges associated with veterans transitioning from military to civilian life, multiple models for supported employment have become integrated into Veterans Affairs health care facilities across the nation. In this article, we review the state of vocational rehabilitation for veterans, with a particular focus on individual placement and support—supported employment (IPS-SE), the current vocational services model that is considered the gold standard of vocational rehabilitation. Various modifications to the IPS-SE model are presented, including additions such as cognitive rehabilitation, contingency management, motivational interviewing, supported self-employment, and transitional work. Finally, recommendations are made about future directions and strategies to expand access to IPS-SE-based programs and to effectively meet the needs of returning veterans for employment in jobs of their choice.

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