Initiation, Dropout, and Outcome From Evidence-Based Psychotherapies in a VA PTSD Outpatient Clinic

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Trauma-focused, evidence-based psychotherapies (TF-EBPs) for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been widely promoted in the Veterans Health Administration to provide access to state-of-the-art treatments, but dropout rates may affect the impact of TF-EBPs. The current study summarizes findings from a program evaluation of 67 veterans assigned to trauma-focused treatment in a Veterans Affairs outpatient PTSD clinic. Outcomes of interest include attendance rates, dropout rates and patterns, treatment paths, changes in self-reported symptoms, and clinician ratings. Nine veterans (13.4%) did not attend a first session and 15 (22.4%) dropped out before session 4. Twenty-three (33.8%) received either a modified version of the TF-EBP or switched to a different treatment. Only 11 (16.4%) completed the assigned TF-EBP, but 10 of those 11 (90.9%) were rated by their therapist as improved. These results align with previous research documenting high dropout rates from PTSD treatment in veterans and substantial improvements for those who complete TF-EBPs. Future study of methods to enhance retention in TF-EBP treatments is needed.

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