Reproductive Trauma: Psychotherapy for Pregnancy Loss and Infertility Clients From a Reproductive Story Perspective

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The reproductive story offers a unique way to conceptualize pregnancy loss and infertility. This article describes the development of the reproductive story from early childhood on, and focuses on the devastating losses when the story does not unfold as originally hoped. Regardless of the type of reproductive trauma that clients experience, the underlying psychological constructs of grief are the same. The goal is to help clients work through their grief and loss, accept that their story can be edited and rewritten, and come away with a positive new ending. This paper illustrates how to utilize the reproductive story with infertility and pregnancy loss clients in psychotherapy. Using clinical illustrations, interventions for the treatment of perinatal grief, particularly in the context of infertility, are discussed. Specific suggestions are offered to help clients rethink past ideals, cope with their current trauma, and make constructive decisions in their effort to build their future family.

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