An Invited Panel to Identify the Best Violence Research of 2012: An Effort in Knowledge Management in an Era of Information Overload

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This is the second year we have endeavored to identify the best violence research in the preceding year with the help of an invited panel. Across both years, trends are emerging in terms of how panelists approach the tasks, although new ways to organize the task were also seen this year. Some of the most common organizational efforts involved organizing by method or topic, such as emphasizing nationally representative data sets or focusing on an area such as the health effects of violence. Some panelists devoted more energy to reviewing certain violence-focused outlets. This year, some panelists reported belonging to journal groups and relying on their peers for help identifying key new research. The task of knowledge management in this era of knowledge proliferation has not been solved, but Psychology of Violence is sponsoring or promoting several efforts to assist researchers, including more commentaries in addition to these “Best of” panels.

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