Measuring Caregiver Impact on Children’s Violent News Media Exposure: Development and Initial Validation of the Caregiver Responses to Youth Media Exposure (CRYME)

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Objective: Research to examine specific parenting behaviors in relation to children’s exposure and response to violent news has been limited by a dearth of measures with adequate psychometric support. The current report describes the development and initial validation of the Caregiver Responses to Youth Media Exposure (CRYME) Questionnaire. Method: Items were generated based on a literature review and a focus group interview with 6 caregivers. Using data from a second sample of 702 caregivers recruited through Amazon Mechanical Turk, items were submitted to an exploratory factor analysis. Results: The final 35-item CRYME consists of 3 scales: Reassuring Realistically (α = .91), Controlling Contact (α = .90), and Scaring for Safety (α = .86). In support of concurrent and discriminant validity, each CRYME Scale was differentially associated with theoretically relevant measures of family functioning and/or family accommodation of child anxiety; only Scaring for Safety was significantly associated with caregiver anxiety. Controlling Contact and Scaring for Safety but not Reassuring Realistically were positively associated with child anxiety. Conclusion: Results provide preliminary psychometric support for the use of the CRYME to measure parental behaviors that may predict outcomes of children’s exposure to violence in the media.

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