Immunocytochemical Demonstration Of Melanotransferrin (P97) In Thyroid Tumors Of Follicular Cell Origin

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Using the PAP method on paraffin sections, we investigated the distribution pattern of melanotransferrin (p97) in follicular adenomas (20 cases), atypical adenomas (4 cases), papillary (10 cases) and follicular carcinomas (25 cases) of the thyroid; frozen sections collected from 3 follicular adenomas and 2 follicular carcinomas were also tested.

Our results document positivity for p97 in atypical adenomas, papillary and follicular carcinomas, whereas no reactivity is encountered in follicular adenomas and normal portions of thyroid. We suggest that the production of p97 by neoplastic cells of atypical adenomas and differentiated thyroid carcinomas could result in a greater availability of iron for tumor cell DNA synthesis.

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