Serotype And Serosubtype Distribution Of Strains Of: 1971–1989Neisseria Meningitidis: 1971–1989Isolated In South Australia And The Northern Territory Of Australia: 1971–1989

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Strains of meningococci isolated from patients in South Australia (SA) and the Northern Territory (NT) with either bacteremia or meningitis (or both) were serotyped and serosubtyped using monoclonal antibodies in a whole cell ELISA technique. From SA, 144 isolates were examined for the period 1971 through 1989 and from the NT, 38 isolates from 1975 through 1977 and 1983 through 1989 were examined. During the periods of study the principal serogroups were group B in South Australia and group A in the Northern Territory. About 60% of the SA strains were typable and subtypable: the predominant types were 4, 2a, 15 and 14, in that order; the predominant subtypes were P1.2, P1.1 and P1.10, in that order. Of the strains from the NT about 80% were typable, the predominant type was type 4 and all 19 group A strains were identified as type 4, subtype P1.10.

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