The Parent Ratings of Traumatized Children With or Without PTSD

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Two clinical and 2 structured clinical interviews were used to identify children with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatized children without PTSD, and nontraumatized controls. Parents evaluated child conduct by marking the Conners’ Parent Rating Scale-48 (CPRS-48; Conners, 1989). Data analysis indicated that the CPRS-48 Total scores and the Anxiety and Psychosomatic subscales scores of the PTSD group significantly exceeded the scores of the comparison groups. Children with PTSD and traumatized children without PTSD did not significantly differ on the Hyperactivity Index. The Hyperactivity Index scores of traumatized children without PTSD and nontraumatized controls were not significantly different. Nonsignificant differences were observed between groups on the CPRS-48 Impulsivity-Hyperactivity, Conduct Problems, and Learning subscales. Overall, PTSD was marked by higher internalizing scores and trauma exposure without PTSD was not associated with increased psychological morbidity.

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