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Increased public reimbursement for prophylactic visits with dentists associated with increased receipt of preventive dental services in children
Significant caries and the interactive effects of maternal‐related oral hygiene factors in urban preschool children
Geographic access to dental care varies in Missouri and Wisconsin
Dentists' perspective about dental amalgam : current use and future direction
Having fewer than 21 teeth associated with poorer general health among South Australians
Acculturation and its impact on the oral health status of Pacific children in New Zealand : findings from the Pacific Islands Families study
High prevalence of dental caries among HIV‐infected children in West Africa compared to uninfected siblings
The role of healthcare system in dental check‐ups in 27 European countries : multilevel analysis
Measuring quality : caries‐related emergency department visits and follow‐up among children
Preventive benefit of access to fluoridated water for young adults
Curriculum influence on interdisciplinary oral health education and practice