The Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities National Program
Evaluation of Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities
Collaborating to Support Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Partnerships
Applying a Mixed-Methods Evaluation to Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities
Partnership and Community Capacity Characteristics in 49 Sites Implementing Healthy Eating and Active Living Interventions
Paso a Paso : The Role of Civic Engagement and Community Capacity in the Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities and Where to go Next
HKHC Community Dashboard : Design, Development, and Function of a Web-Based Performance Monitoring System
Behavior-Over-Time Graphs : Assessing Perceived Trends in Healthy Eating and Active Living Environments and Behaviors Across 49 Communities
Systems Thinking in 49 Communities Related to Healthy Eating, Active Living, and Childhood Obesity
Healthy Kids, Healthy Cuba : Findings From a Group Model Building Process in the Rural Southwest
Using Group Model Building to Understand Factors That Influence Childhood Obesity in an Urban Environment
Group Model Building : A Framework for Organizing Healthy Community Program and Policy Initiatives in Columbia, Missouri
Improving Park Space Access for the Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Partnership in Denver, Colorado
Advancing Systems Thinking Through the Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Evaluation
Increasing Community Capacity for Participatory Evaluation of Healthy Eating and Active Living Strategies Through Direct Observations and Environmental Audits
Using an Integrated Approach to Evaluate “Where Do Flint's Families Play”
Redesigning a Neighborhood Park to Increase Physical Activity : A Community-Based Participatory Approach
Enhanced Evaluation Data Initiates a Collaborative Out-of-School Time Food Sponsors Work Group
Promoting Active Commuting to School Through Environmental and Policy Supports in Buffalo, New York
Using Frameworks to Diagram Value in Complex Policy and Environmental Interventions to Prevent Childhood Obesity
Evaluating the Implementation and Impact of Policy, Practice, and Environmental Changes to Prevent Childhood Obesity in 49 Diverse Communities
Thoughts on Supporting Sustainable Community Change