Awareness of hypertension consequences is less than awareness of risk factors for hypertension

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High blood pressure is a very common pathological condition, universally recognized as a strong independent risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events.1,2
Healthy lifestyle, including moderate physical activity, smoking abstinence, healthy diet and moderate alcohol consumption, significantly contributes to maintaining blood pressure within the normal range, although most hypertensive patients sooner or later must start pharmacological therapy.1,3–6
Because of its high prevalence, strong impact on public health, susceptibility to lifestyle changes, need for early diagnosis and adverse consequences, many health education campaigns focus on hypertension.7,8 However, although primary prevention plays a crucial role in fighting this condition, the effectiveness of educational campaigns on hypertension in motivating individuals to fight it is still debated.2,3,9–13
In this article, we examine data on awareness of arterial hypertension risk factors and of its consequences, collected during one such campaign carried out in the city of Milan, Italy.

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