Stage IIIC Endometrial Cancer: Relapse and Survival Outcomes in Women Treated With Pelvic or Extended Field Para-Aortic Nodal Radiation Therapy

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The optimal radiation (RT) volume for node-positive endometrial cancer is controversial. This study evaluates clinical outcomes in patients with stage IIIC, N1 endometrial cancer who received RT to the pelvis (PV RT) or pelvis plus para-aortic nodes (PV-PAN RT).


Overall, there were 89 women with stage IIIC endometrial cancer. Of these, 57 women had N1-only disease, forming the study cohort. Clinicopathologic characteristics, recurrence rates, endometrial cancer–specific survival (ECSS), and overall survival (OS) were examined among patients treated with pelvic RT (n=23) compared with pelvic plus para-aortic RT (n=34). Multivariable analysis of ECSS and OS was performed using Cox regression modeling.


Median follow-up was 5.1 years. Adjuvant chemotherapy was used in 51/57 (89%) of N1 cases. Women with N1 disease who received PV-PAN RT compared with PV RT experienced lower recurrence (26% vs. 52%, P=0.06) and higher survival rates (5 y ECSS 81.5% vs. 47.0%, P=0.04 and OS 79.1% vs. 47.0%, P=0.01). On multivariable analysis, RT volume was not significantly associated with OS, whereas chemotherapy was associated with improved ECSS and OS.


RT conferred excellent local control, whereas chemotherapy was associated with improved survival in women with N1 endometrial cancer. Distant relapse remains the most common site of recurrence despite chemotherapy.

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