Eyelid Necrosis and Secondary Cicatrical Ectropion Secondary to Levamisole-Associated Vasculitis

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A 56-year-old female presented with eyelid necrosis secondary to systemic levamisole-induced vasculitis. Skin biopsy revealed necrotic epidermis with small-vessel thrombosis, fibrinoid reaction, and neutrophilic infiltration of vessel walls in the dermis with +pANCA. She was treated with plasmapheresis and steroids. Six months later, she developed severe, symptomatic cicatrical ectropion with marked anterior lamellar shortage and middle lamellar contracture. Scar release in the middle lamellar plane with lateral tarsal strip procedures was performed, with full-thickness skin grafts from the upper eyelids. She remained fully epithelialized postoperatively with improvement in symptoms, although she incomplete graft take due to her eyelid necrosis and compromised dermal blood supply.

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