Predicted VO2max and effectiveness of external chest compression by Chinese nurses

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The aims of this study were to assess the influence of sex and body position on external chest compression (ECC) to a manikin by Chinese nurses and to determine the relationship between rescuer’s predicted VO2max and ECC depth.

Participants and methods

A total of 40 nurses performed ECC on a manikin for 5 min in the standing (S) and bed-mount kneeling (K) position, then completed a Chester step-test, in 3 separate days. The rate and depth of compressions and oxygen consumption during ECC were measured.


Mean compression rate recorded was above 100/min in both positions throughout ECC. Mean compression depth for male participants was more than 38 mm for 5 min in the K-position but only 3 min in the S-position. Female participants achieved this compression depth for less than 90 s in the K-position but not at all in the S-position.


Irrespective of sex, the K-position appears to facilitate effective ECC. The relationship between aerobic fitness of female nurses and their ability to perform effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation warrants further investigation.

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