Role of Neprilysin Inhibitors in Heart Failure

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Heart failure (HF) is a complex multifactorial medical condition that should be addressed according to its complexity and diversity. Currently, there is a medical arsenal available for the management of HF, but despite the advance in medical resources, its prevalence and social and financial impacts are still worrisome for the medical community and society. Among the numerous therapeutic options for the treatment of HF, neprilysin inhibitors have changed the perspective of the approach to titrate patients who suffer from this condition because neprilysin plays a role in the degradation of natriuretic peptides and various other vasoactive compounds that are crucial to counteract the devastating pathophysiology of HF. The purpose of this review was to analyze the role of neprilysin inhibitors in HF, focusing on newer therapy such as LCZ696 and studies that sustain its potential benefits in this medical entity.

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