Effect of patients’ rights training sessions for nurses on perceptions of nurses and patients

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Patients’ rights are universal values that must be respected; however, it is not easy to put such values and principles into effect as approaches and attitudes differ from individual to individual, from society to society, and from country to country. If we want to reach a general conclusion about the status of patient rights in the world as whole, we should examine the situation in individual countries.


To study the effect of training sessions for nurses about patients’ rights on the perceptions of nurses and patients in two Egyptian hospitals.


Quasi-experimental with pre- and posttest design was used in this study. Two groups of participants were included in the study: the first with 97 nurses and the second with 135 patients. A questionnaire sheet was used for nurses and patients to assess their perceptions about patients’ rights before starting sessions. The training sessions were developed based on the baseline information gathered in the assessment phase and related literature. After the implementation of the sessions, a posttest was immediately conducted for nurses, while for patients the posttest was conducted 1 month after implementation to evaluate the effect of the nurses’ training sessions on the patients’ perceptions. The same tools were used in pretest and posttest.

Ethical considerations:

Written approval was sought and obtained from the administrators of the studied hospitals prior to conducting the study. Oral consent was obtained from nurses and patients willing to participate. Confidentiality and anonymity of the participants were strictly maintained through code numbers on the questionnaires.


The improvement in nurses’ knowledge and perceptions about patients’ rights after implementation of the training sessions was remarkable. Moreover, an improvement in patients’ perceptions regarding their rights was reported.


Repetition of the training sessions is suggested to achieve continuous improvement. Provision of posters and booklets about a bill of patient rights within the hospitals and conduction of further study to examine nurses’ performance and patients’ satisfaction based on code of ethics are recommended.

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