Unilateral Spontaneous Descemet Membrane Rupture in a Case With Megalophthalmos

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To report a case of unilateral spontaneous descemet membrane rupture associated with megalophthalmos.


A case report of a 23-year-old woman with blurred vision of the right eye for 6 months due to spontaneous descemet membrane rupture associated with megalophthalmos is described. Slit-lamp examination demonstrated corneal edema and suggestion of a descemet membrane rupture in the right eye.


Anterior segment optical coherence tomography verified the presence of a ruptured descemet membrane separated from the nasal posterior cornea along with corneal edema and intraepithelial cystic lesions. With A-scan ultrasonography, axial lengths were 32 and 28 mm in OD and OS, respectively. Indirect gonioscopy demonstrated a wide iridocorneal angle and a ciliary body band, bilaterally. Corneal pachymetry measurements were performed with Pentacam HR Scheimpflug topography which measured the central corneal thickness 360 μ in OD and 300 μ in OS.


Megalophthalmos and spontaneous descemet membrane rupture are rare conditions. To the best literature knowledge, this is the first report of descemet membrane rupture in megalophthalmos.

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