Pharmacogenetics of ABCB5, ABCC5 and RLIP76 and doxorubicin pharmacokinetics in Asian breast cancer patients

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This study investigated the impact of ABCB5, ABCC5 and RLIP76 polymorphisms on doxorubicin pharmacokinetics in Asian breast cancer patients (N = 62). Direct sequencing was performed to screen for previously identified ABCC5 polymorphisms as well as polymorphisms in the exons and exon-intron boundaries of ABCB5 and RLIP76 genes. Genotype-phenotype correlations were analyzed using Mann-Whitney U-test. The homozygous variant allele at the ABCC5 g.+7161G > A (rs1533682) locus was significantly associated with higher doxorubicin clearance (g.+7161AA vs g.+7161GG, CL/BSA (Lh -1m-2): 30.34 (25.41-33.60) vs 22.46 (15.04-49.4), P = 0.04). Homozygosity for the reference allele at the ABCC5 g.-1679T > A locus was associated with significantly higher doxorubicinol exposure (g.-1679TT vs g.-1679TA, AUC0-∞/dose/BSA (hm-5): 15.48 (6.18-67.17) vs 8.88 (3.68-21.71), P = 0.0001). No significant influence of the three newly identified ABCB5 polymorphisms (c.2T > C, c.343A > G and c.1573G > A) on doxorubicin pharmacokinetics was observed. No polymorphisms were identified in the RLIP76 gene. These findings suggest that ABCC5 polymorphisms may explain partially the interpatient variability in doxorubicin disposition.

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