Revision pediatric anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction after failure of iliotibial band technique treated with all-epiphyseal technique in a prepubescent with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome: a case report

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The increasing number of pediatric anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries and the failure of nonoperative management of these patients has elicited a concordant response in the surgical community to devise reconstruction techniques that stabilize the knee joint without causing iatrogenic growth disturbances. Likewise, the rise in pediatric ACL reconstructions forecasts a consequent rise in revision ACL reconstructions in patients with open physes. In this case report, we describe a prepubescent with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome and congenital ACL deficiency, who underwent physeal-sparing iliotibial band ACL reconstruction and revision to an all-epiphyseal ACL reconstruction with allograft. We also underscore the lack of evidence addressing graft choice and outcomes for ACL reconstructions in patients with connective tissue disorders.

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