Retracted: Diagnosis and Treatment of Intestinal Melanoma Metastases in the Era of Effective Systemic Treatment

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The aim of the present study was to describe different presentations, diagnostic tools, and available treatments for melanoma metastasized to the intestines.


The intestine is a frequent site of metastases in melanoma patients. In the current era, with long-term survival after systemic treatment, there is a need for a timely diagnosis and optimal treatment of intestinal metastases.


Patients diagnosed between 2011 and 2015 with intestinal metastases of melanoma were included. Diagnostic procedures, treatment strategies, and their outcome were analyzed for all patients.


A total of 22 patients were included. Twenty patients received systemic therapy for widely disseminated disease. Fourteen of these twenty patients received local treatment for symptomatic intestinal metastases. Median overall survival after detection of intestinal metastasis in patients receiving systemic treatment was 22 months. On the basis of this cohort, a treatment algorithm for treatment of patients with symptomatic intestinal melanoma metastases was constructed.


The treatment of intestinal melanoma metastases has changed due to the introduction of novel systemic treatments that can result in long-term survival of patients with widely metastatic melanoma. Surgeons and other clinicians should be aware of these changes in clinical practice as well as the diverse presentation of intestinal melanoma metastases and the diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas involved.

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