Immunoexpression of Androgen Receptors in Poroid Neoplasms

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Some poroid neoplasias are known to show apocrine differentiation (ie, differentiation toward the folliculosebaceous and the apocrine units). In this sense, it is somewhat surprising that the immunoexpression of androgen receptors (ARs) has not been investigated yet in poroid neoplasias. In this study, we examined the immunoexpression of ARs in 40 poroid neoplasms (8 porocarcinomas and 32 poromas). We found intense and diffuse immunoexpression of ARs in 1 porocarcinoma. In addition, 7 poromas and 2 porocarcinomas showed focal immunoexpression of ARs. Nine of these 10 positive cases were found in men. We conclude that poroid neoplasias express ARs in about 25% of the cases, but the expression is usually focal/weak. However, the expression of this marker is not incompatible with a diagnosis of poroid neoplasia.

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