Testing Relationships Between DSM–5 Section III Maladaptive Traits and Measures of Self and Interpersonal Impairment in Italian Community Dwelling Adults

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In order to study the relationships between DSM–5 Section III maladaptive personality traits and personality dysfunction, 312 Italian community dwelling adults completed the Italian translations of the Personality Inventory for DSM–5 (PID-5) and the Measure of Disordered Personality Functioning Scale (MDPF); participants were also administered the Iowa Personality Disorder Screen (IPDS). Consistent with previous findings, 22 (88.0%) PID-5 maladaptive trait scales showed moderate and significant correlations with MDPF Non Coping (median r value = .32), and Non Cooperativeness, (median r value = .24) scales. Regression analyses showed that PID-5 trait scales explained roughly 59% and 35% of the variance in MDPF Non Coping and Non Cooperativeness scales, respectively. PID-5 traits were significantly associated also with the IPDS total score, adjusted R2 = .45, p < .001. As a whole, our data seemed to indicate that the wide majority of the PID-5 scales showed significant relationships of at least moderate size with a self-report measure of personality dysfunction, lending further support to the criterion validity of the PID-5.

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