Effect of a Compressive Garment on Kinematics of Jump-Landing Tasks

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de Britto, MA, Lemos, AL, dos Santos, CS, Stefanyshyn, DJ, and Carpes, FP. Effect of a compressive garment on kinematics of jump-landing tasks. J Strength Cond Res 31(9): 2480–2488, 2017—During jump-landing tasks, knee kinematics such as excessive valgus have been linked to knee injury in females. We determine the influence of a compressive garment on knee valgus during landing. Physically active women (n = 27, mean age 23 years) performed 4 different jump-landing tasks with 2 apparel conditions (compressive garment and regular sports shorts). Kinematic data were collected to determine knee flexion and valgus angles and the maximum jump height. Results showed that the compressive garment decreased knee flexion and knee valgus range of motion, without significant changes in the maximum jump height. As a practical application, we suggest that compression could be a strategy to reduce dynamic valgus without influencing jump performance, which motivates further study of its potential for knee injury prevention.

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