Cardiovascular and Thrombotic Complications of Novel Multiple Myeloma Therapies: A Review

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Multiple myeloma (MM) is the second most common hematological malignant abnormality. The introduction of immunomodulatory drugs (IMiDs) and proteasome inhibitors (PIs) has greatly improved the overall survival of patients with MM. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and thrombotic issues associated with novel MM therapies have emerged as important aspects of supportive care in patients with MM.


We searched PubMed and the Cochrance database for studies published from March 2001 to January 2016. Emerging evidence suggests that both IMiDs and PIs can have cardiovascular (CV) sequelae, which include thromboembolic complications, cardiac, and vascular toxic effects. These complications occur against the backdrop of a high prevalence of CV disease in the MM population as well as the adverse cardiac and vascular effects of MM itself.

Conclusions and Relevance

This review provides an overview of the incidences, clinical presentations, and mechanisms of CV complications in the MM population. We conclude that more research is needed for better screening and preventive strategies to abrogate these toxic effects and improve patient care.

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