Mature and Immature Solid Teratomas Involving Uterine Corpus, Cervix, and Ovary

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Extragonadal teratomas are rare, and localization in the endometrium and cervix is exceptional, with fewer than 10 case reports documented so far in the English literature. We report here the case of a 46-year-old patient who presented with simultaneous immature teratoma in the endometrium and mature teratomas in the ovary in association with gliomatosis peritonei but with no evidence of gestational origin; she subsequently developed multiple solid mature teratomas in the cervix and parauterine tissue. No other similar cases have been previously reported to our knowledge. There are many similarities between the patient’s pattern of recurrence and “growing teratoma syndrome (GTS)”. Although the patient was not treated with chemotherapy after her first presentation and this case does not meet formal criteria for GTS, we believe that the pattern and histology of recurrences in this case represent a variant of GTS. Considering that the initial presentation in this case was endometrial and ovarian makes the occurrence of GTS-like syndrome even more unique.

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