Amyloid Pseudo-Dacryolith and Nasolacrimal Obstruction in a 67-Year-Old Male

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A 67-year-old male with a 35-year history of left-sided epiphora presented with a nonpainful, noninflamed, left medial canthal mass and complete left nasolacrimal obstruction. During routine dacryocystorhinostomy, a lesion was present within the lacrimal sac that mimicked a lacrimal stone in appearance but with a consistency concerning for malignancy. Histologically, the lesion displayed apple-green birefringence on polarized light microscopy and Congo red staining. The patient was referred to the hematology service for evaluation, which failed to reveal systemic disease. There is 1 previous report of localized amyloidosis to the nasolacrimal excretory system in which the lesion was invasive and caused bony erosion. The authors present a second case of localized, nasolacrimal amyloidosis mimicking both neoplasm and dacryolith without bony erosion.

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