Hotspots of MLV integration in the hematopoietic tumor genome

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Extensive research has been performed regarding the integration sites of murine leukemia retrovirus (MLV) for the identification of proto-oncogenes. To date, the overlap of mutations within specific oligonucleotides across different tumor genomes has been regarded as a rare event; however, a recent study of MLV integration into the oncogene Zfp521 suggested the existence of a hotspot oligonucleotide for MLV integration. In the current review, we discuss the hotspots of MLV integration into several genes: c-Myc, Stat5a and N-myc, as well as ZFP521, as examined in tumor genomes. From this, MLV integration convergence within specific oligonucleotides is not necessarily a rare event. This short review aims to promote re-consideration of MLV integration within the tumor genome, which involves both well-known and potentially newly identified and novel mechanisms and specifications.

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