Temperament and Character Profiles of Group-Based Suicide Cases

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Background: Personality and character traits may be a key predisposing factor to consider in the life course of people who are vulnerable to suicide. Aims: The aim of this study is first to explore the possible presence of different subgroups of suicide decedents based on developmental profiles of adversity, and secondly to examine the association of personality and character dimensions (covariates) with the trajectory outcome. Method: A total of 90 cases of suicide decedents were analyzed using growth mixture modeling (GMM). Results: Results generated two different life trajectories and identified specific temperament profiles. Subjects assigned to the trajectory of high burden of adversity demonstrated a greater predisposition for harm avoidance and those in the trajectory characterized by low burden of adversity displayed greater predisposition for self-directedness. Conclusion: Our results add to the literature by suggesting that different subgroups of suicide completers show a predisposition for either harm avoidance or self-directedness.

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