Tissue Engineering in Ophthalmology: Implications for Eyelid Reconstruction

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Bioengineering aims to produce functional tissue replacements to repair defects and has been widely investigated over the past few decades. We aimed to review the available literature on the application of tissue engineering in ophthalmology, with a particular focus on ophthalmic plastic surgery and potential applications for eyelid reconstruction.


A literature search was performed on the MEDLINE database using the keywords “bioengineering,” “tissue engineering,” and “ophthalmology.” Articles written in English were included.


There is a substantial body of work on tissue engineering of the cornea. Other structures in ophthalmology investigated include the conjunctiva, lacrimal gland, and orbital bone. We also discuss the potential application of tissue engineering in eyelid reconstruction.


Tissue engineering represents the future of regenerative and reconstructive medicine, with significant potential applications in ophthalmic plastic surgery.

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