The presence of seminal plasma, especially derived from stallion semen, helps preserve chilled Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) sperm motility.

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The effects of seminal plasma (SP), derived from autologous, homologous and heterologous species (stallion, boar and dog) on chilled Asian elephant sperm quality, were determined. Semen was collected from eight males and samples with ≥30% motile spermatozoa were used in the study. Semen was diluted with Tris-glucose-egg yolk extender, supplemented with different SP types and preserved at 4°C for 48 hr. Experiment 1 (n = 31), showed that the presence of SP (autologous) helped to preserve sperm quality in terms of sperm motility and acrosome integrity (p < .05). Homologous SP did not result in better sperm quality than autologous SP. Heterologous SP from stallion provided higher sperm motility and velocities compared to autologous SP (p < .05). Experiment 2 (n = 14) determined the effect of different SP from four stallions. All stallion SP gave higher (p < .05) results for motile spermatozoa and sperm velocities than autologous SP. In conclusion, the presence of SP helps preserve Asian elephant sperm quality and stallion SP supports the motility of Asian elephant spermatozoa during cold storage.

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