Mammography-Seeking Practices of Central Illinois Amish Women.

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Motivated by compelling, but scant, literature on high rates of breast cancer mortality among the United States Amish, a survey was conducted to examine mammography-seeking practices among Amish women. Inclusion criteria included age 40-70 years and membership of the Arthur, Illinois Amish community. Data were collected from this unique, socially isolated group through a mail questionnaire focusing on health history, mammography practices, and beliefs surrounding breast health. Sample mammography adherence and "ever mammogram" rates were compared with both the general population of the United States (U.S.) and other Amish communities in the U.S. Logistic regression on the "ever mammogram" variable showed that Amish women with knowledge of screening guidelines experienced an adjusted odds ratio (OR) of 5.26 [confidence interval (CI) 1.79, 15.45] for mammography screening compared to those without that knowledge. Participants who believed nutrition/diet causes breast cancer experienced an OR of 4.27 (CI 1.39, 13.11) for mammography and those who believed physical injury caused breast cancer had an OR of 3.86 (CI 1.24, 12.04) compared to women who do not hold these beliefs. Future research is needed to confirm and extend these results.

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