Association between pulse pressure and body mass index in hypertensive and normotensive populations in the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey V, 2010-2012.

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The authors conducted a national cross-sectional cohort study to evaluate the associations between pulse pressure (PP) and body mass index (BMI) and sex, according to blood pressure (BP) status. A total of 18 812 patients without a history of antihypertensive medication and cardiovascular disease were selected. There was good concordance between PP and the selected cardiovascular risk factors. PP increased with high BMI among patients with normal BP, but decreased with high BMI among patients with hypertension (HTN). BMI (ß, -0.260; SE, 0.039 [P<.001]) and male sex (ß, -4.727; SE, 1.100 [P<.001]) were negatively correlated with PP in a multivariate model adjusted for several risk factors in patients with HTN. In conclusion, PP was negatively correlated with BMI in patients with HTN, which may explain the higher cardiovascular risk in lean persons and women with HTN.

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