Diffusion ofPneumocystis jiroveciiin the surrounding air of patients withPneumocystiscolonization: frequency and putative risk factors

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In a prospective bicentric study, Pneumocystis jirovecii excretion and diffusion was explored in air samples collected in the rooms occupied by 17 Pneumocystis-colonized patients. P. jirovecii DNA was detected by real-time PCR in the air collected from 3 patients' rooms (17.6%), with identical genotypes in corresponding clinical and air samples. Pneumocystis DNA was detected for 2/3 patients with autoimmune disease treated with corticosteroids versus 1/6 patients with hematologic disease and 0/5 kidney transplant recipients. These data confirm the possible excretion of the fungus by Pneumocystis-colonized patients and thus bring additional arguments for the prevention of airborne transmission in hospital wards.

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