Paediatric lower limb deformity correction with the Eight Plate: adverse events and correction outcomes of 126 patients from an international multicentre study

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No large multicentre studies have yet been published on tension-band-like implants such as the Eight Plate to treat limb-length discrepancies and varus valgus deformities in children. Therefore, we carried out a retrospective international multicentre study including 126 patients to assess outcomes and to reliably quantify the incidence of implant-related and growth-plate related adverse events (AEs). Correction was achieved in 66% of varus valgus deformities and in 59% of limb-length discrepancies and maintained in 85%. Twenty (18%) patients experienced 43 AEs, which were primarily screw-related. The AE rate of the Eight Plate is low; however, many of them could be avoided through tighter monitoring.

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