Western Trauma Association Critical Decisions in Trauma: Management of adult blunt splenic trauma—2016 updates

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This is an updated position article from members of the Western Trauma Association (WTA). It includes recommendations for the management of blunt splenic injury in adult trauma patients based on literature available since the last WTA position article in 2008.1 There remain no prospective randomized trials of the management of blunt splenic injury in adults, in part due to the inherent difficulties of designing such a trial. This algorithm and associated recommendations are based primarily on observational studies and expert opinion. Considerable variability in the management of blunt splenic injury will continue. Individual institutions and practitioners are encouraged to make management decisions based on local resources and consensus opinion. The algorithm contains letters A through I, which correspond to the lettered text in the manuscript. As in the previous position article, the text is designed to clarify the algorithm and explain the rationale for the recommendations.
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