A Day at the Office: State Orthopaedic Societies: The “ARM” of the Private-Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon

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The Georgia Orthopaedic Society gathers every autumn at a beautiful resort on the seacoast, but this annual meeting is far from where most of its surgeons practice. Many members—including some in my Atlanta-based practice, even when I served as the group's president—don't make the trip, and don't bother with membership. I suspect that this pattern replicates among state orthopaedic societies across the country, and I believe this is a problem.
A friend of mine in rural private practice, Jim W. Barber MD, explains why. Jim says a state society is the “ARM” of its members; by that, he means a good state society provides: Advocacy, Relationships, and a productive, worthwhile Meeting. If you question your state society's value, you might try to help its focus on those three points.
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