Melanocytic Colonization of Bartholin Cyst: A Rarely Observed Phenomenon

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The greater vestibular glands or Bartholin glands are 2 small pea-sized mucus-secreting glands located at the posterior region of the vaginal opening and function to keep the vulva moist.1 Blockage of gland's duct leads to cyst formation.1 The cyst is lined by urothelial, squamous, or columnar mucinous epithelium.1 The presence of melanocytes or melanin pigment in the epithelial lining cyst wall of Bartholin duct cysts is not well known, and only one case of pigmented Bartholin duct cyst is documented.2 We report the second case of pigmented Bartholin duct cyst lined by mature squamous epithelium along with presence of melanocytes.
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