A novel approach to deprescribing in long-term care settings: The SMART campaign

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There have been numerous calls within the medical community urging providers to consider the complex problem of inappropriate polypharmacy and inappropriate medication use among nursing home residents. It is clear that innovative, longitudinal policy-supported interventions are needed to better understand prescribing practices in long-term care settings and to curtail the negative, cascading outcomes associated with inappropriate polypharmacy among elderly patients. The Indiana Safer Medication Administration Regimens and Treatment (SMART) campaign is funded by the Indiana State Department of Health for a pilot period of 2 years (2016–18) with the objectives of: 1. Reducing the average number of medications per resident, 2. Reducing use of antipsychotic, anxiolytic, and hypnotic medications, and 3. Reducing overall medication costs within participating facilities. In this report we comment upon what is new about the Indiana approach, and what we believe is worthy of consideration by other states.

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