Effects of ocular and systemic factors on the progression of glaucomatous visual field damage in various sectors

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To investigate the effects of ocular and systemic risk factors for glaucomatous progression in different sectors of the visual field (VF).


409 eyes from 268 patients with 10 reliable VFs from the Japanese Archive of Multicentral Databases in Glaucoma (JAMDIG) were investigated. VFs were divided into six sectors (mean total deviation (mTD)s20+, mTDs10–20 and mTDs0–10, >20°, 10–20° and <10° in the superior hemifield, respectively; and mTDi20+, mTDi10–20 and mTDi0–10, >20°, 10–20° and <10° in the inferior hemifield, respectively). The relationship between sectorial progression rate and eight variables (age, mTD at baseline VF, average intraocular pressure (IOP), SD of IOP, systemic hypertension, migraine, family history of glaucoma and smoking status) was investigated.


The mTD progression rate was −0.21 dB/year. Older age was related to progression of mTDs20+, mTDs10–20, mTDi20+ and mTDi10–20. Mean IOP was not related to progression in any VF sector; however, a larger SD of IOP was related to progression of mTDs20+, mTDi0–10, mTDi10–20 and mTDi20+. Smoking status was related to progression in all inferior VF sectors (mTDi0–10, mTDi10–20 and mTDi20+).


Smoking status is related to glaucomatous VF progression in all sectors of the inferior hemifield.

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