YKL-40 expression in abnormal invasive placenta cases

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YKL-40 is a secreted glycoprotein and has been implicated in the proliferation and differentiation of malignant cells, extracellular tissue remodelling, neovascularisation, inhibition of cancer cell apoptosis and stimulation of tumour-associated fibroblasts. The purpose of this study was to evaluate YKL-40 tissue expression in extravillous trophoblast invasion and its possible implication in placenta creta.


A total of 35 placenta creta cases and six control cases were included in the study, of which eight cases were placenta accreta, 12 were increta and 15 were percreta. Histological YKL-40 staining was scored in tissue as weak (1), medium (2) and strong (3).


YKL-40 immunoreactivity intensity in the percreta group was significantly higher compared to the increta and accreta groups (2.47±0.74, 1.33±0.49 and 1.37±0.52, respectively; P=0.000). YKL-40 immunoreactivity intensity was positively correlated with creta (r=0.6; P=0.000), depth of invasion (r=0.49; P=0.003) and depth of invasion to full thickness ratio (r=0.58; P=0.000).


This study demonstrated that YKL-40 is strongly expressed in placenta percreta and is correlated with extravillous trophoblast invasion. These findings may be informative for understanding the pathophysiology of placenta creta.

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